Measure performance
  Understand risk exposure

  • Manage a portfolio
  • Test new investment ideas
  • Explore markets, sectors and themes
  • Keep track of personal watch lists

With DATAvariance Xpress, match your investments with your risk tolerance

Test investment ideas and take control of your financial future

  • Running on your personal computer (Windows®)
  • Under your control : your data files are not transferred anywhere
  • Free & fully operational with your preferred data feed

Manage your Portfolio Investments

Investing is a trade-off

Between performance & risk
relative to a benchmark

Record investment ideas

In your watch lists
with return & risk updates

Benchmark consistently

Reflect your risk tolerance
with your portfolio strategy

Think for yourself

Compare stocks and funds

By market, sector and theme
with DATAvariance Web assets

Test your ideas before investing

Rank return & risk ratios in your own watch lists
Test the impact of an investment on your portfolio
Control trends by sector and by industry

Track international markets and sectors

Evaluate DATAvariance model portfolios
Share investment ideas by mail

Frequently Asked Questions

On DATAvariance .com / in depth, Xpress features are discussed in detail

No,DATAvariance is not a financial advisor and is in no position to make any recommendation

For your consideration, the DATAvariance blog will highlight various investment strategies with special attention to performance – risk arbitrage and sector allocation

Financial investment decisions are yours alone (or best shared with your broker)

Marwodis is the exclusive Swiss based distributor of the full range of DATAvariance portfolio management solutions, which includes the current free Xpress release and fee based PLUS and Pro releases currently under development

Marwodis focuses on user-driven requirements for each new release by combining financial knowledge and software development expertise

The business plan is based on a ‘freemium’ model

  • By launching a free portfolio system with significant value-added, Marwodis expects to build a broad user base
  • Development costs and running costs will be covered by advertising and enhanced fee-based subscriptions

Marwodis will advertise fund providers, brokers and possibly quoted companies

With detailed information highlighting performance and risk exposure, complete regulatory documentation and management analyses, the Xpress user will be better informed but under no obligation whatsoever

Partner sections are highlighted on the DATAvariance Web Library as ‘Broker picks’ and ‘Go to’ Fund provider listings

Marwodis will collect a small fixed fee from each provider but will never receive a sale-related commission under any form

Risk is at the core of the performance / risk arbitrage

Because sensitivity to risk (and potential capital loss) varies greatly from one investor to another, arbitrage has multiple answers

The Resources / Education section of DATAvariance .com provides guidance on all the key concepts and the blog will host regular guest posts on investment strategies

Xpress is fully operational; fee-based DATAvariance features will extend the reach of the application with (among others)

  • Multiple portfolios
  • Fundamental ratios (US stocks)
  • Benchmarks (incl. tracking error)
  • Detailed performance and risk screens
  • Advanced risk analysis tools
  • Tax & fees history
  • Extended range of professional data feeds
  • Broker connectivity

Marwodis supports Foundation Rodina, a Dutch charity acting for the well being of children in West Ukraine. With assistance from the Foundation, the Regional Children Hospital of Ivano-Frankivsk and the schools of the township of Kalush will be able to afford new medical equipment and study material. Rodina dedicates 100% of all donations to the projects. For more information, visit Rodina

By statute, Marwodis is committed to assign a pre-set % of profits to charities, such as the Swiss Red Cross and Foundation Rodina

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